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Jaz is a  human showcasing harmony and intersectionality within Black identities, girlhood, taste culture, and creative justice. Through the lens of storytelling, curation, writing, and producing, she has leveraged the history of Hip Hop culture and cyberspace with an ambitious spirit imprinted in her hometown of Cleveland, OH via Kingston, Jamaica.


After fulfilling her love for college radio and broadcasting at her alma mater Kent State University, she relocated to Brooklyn, NY aiming to live out her dreams of being a change agent by creating a Hip Hop arts program at NYU. In 2018, she received a Master of Arts degree after defending her thesis Good Kids, Mad Cities: Hip Hop and Black Millennials in the Age of Social Media.


With the help of mentors, a faithful family, and insightful friends, she began connecting the dots in New York City which led to championing her destiny across various mediums. While shifting her focus from hustle to purpose she built a lifestyle, mentoring and branding reputation working with, Roc Nation, HOT97, HBO, Audiomack, Ari Lennox, Ask Dr.Jess, and more recently, Universal Music Group. Her creativity has been featured across TIDAL, Apple Music, Beyoncé.com, and more!     


When it's all said and done, Jaz hopes that her voice will continue to impact cultural moments through experiences, products, and stories that mobilize healthy self-esteem, and ultimately make life sweeter.

Honey Blush

Established in 2022, Honey Blush was invented out of a want and need to extend wellness and harmonic experiences to individuals.  "When I walk in smoke shops across the world I barely notice tobacco brands that resonate with me," says Jaz. "As a Black girl who consumes herbs and "treats" in my leisure time, I wanted my products to embody the taste, tone, and passion that has shaped myself and my community. It is my aim to create a sea of abundance that travels back to my people -- creative anchors who have been judged and criminalized far too long.


Honey Blush is my love letter to the world in an effort to build healthy self-esteem for all. "

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